Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maggie Tuttle to be investigated by Thurock Council.

 Because of my 36 years as a campaigner and having set up a few well known charities, Thurrock Social Services have asked Thurrock Council to do an investigation into my 36 years of campaigning, because they do not believe I have done all I did, they are trying to discredit me, as I am applying for guardianship of my grandson, that is if I am allowed,  my Aunt has just paid £1,200 for a lawyer to apply to the courts for me to be party to the proceedings. Sadly for the council they will find out that I have done no wrong, and that my 36 years of self supporting all of my campaigns are true. So another waste of the tax payers moneys to try and discredit me, so I am deigned my grandson, should his father lose the right to his son.
They have also stated in their letter to the council, that I have or not asked for any psychiatric help in my life check it out, what a bloody cheek, as I am not party to the proceedings as yet, but they have given a date for it to be heard on the 27th July, my lawyer has said this is a joke, as the full case is to be heard in September, so he will be in the courts this week to try and change this date,  so why are Thurrock social services and the council investigating me, when at the moment I am a nothing in the case.  Ligia Birdici from Rumania who is my grandsons social worker, on the 15th March 2011 she stole my grandson in front of me in the school playground and with many parents and children present, yet with her lies and deceit she had the right to steal a little 10 year old boy who was on his knees begging and crying to let him stay for one more day with his Nan (me), i have so much evedence of her lies told on the day. Four days later she was signed on sick leave for 3 weeks, why????? did they think i would bring in the press, and so she was not available for comments.

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